Hello, 2017.

I had wanted to post a different entry yesterday, Jan 1 for me (Jan 2 now in the Philippines), but obviously I wasn’t able to. This was the picture that got “accidentally” uploaded when I tried to post again today.

But there are never any accidents with God. I couldn’t read what was on this image, created on Youversion a few weeks ago, on my 4.5-inch Android phone -I only got as far as the little icons, so I tapped to enlarge it, and it got uploaded to my WordPress Gallery “accidentally” – so I had to go to my phone’s photo folders to check it out.

And I understood.

Yesterday, as the New Life The Fort workers gathered to pray before our first service for 2017, Pastor Mitch mentioned “knowing God loves you.

Isaiah 54:2-4 had been the passage that was spoken over us at NLTF at the start of 2016. EXPANSION had been the word for us, and from all the stories shared among us, it was clearly happening.

But there was an aspect of expansion that I didn’t quite understand as the days turned into weeks, then months, and finally the year passed.

Pastor Alvin reminded us: expansion involves


which is SO NOT COMFORTABLE, specially if someone else is doing it to you. They pull you farther, push you deeper, bend you just a millimeter short of permanent injury.

Hmmmm. That reads like a perfect description of my 2016.

I found myself hanging onto verse 4 more and more as the year progressed.

You will not be ashamed, neither be disgraced.

The Amplified Bible’s rendition hit more spots in my heart as it spoke of fear, humiliation, and shame.

That’s why I know today’s accident is really a God-incident: the Lover of my soul and Keeper of my heart alone knows best how to assure me of His unchanging love and His zeal to fulfill His promise to me.

These were the words I needed today. Even as He launched us into Possession of the Land He promised, His assurance stays the same: He will not allow me to be ashamed or disgraced. In fact, He still repeats a promise He gave me maybe 30 years ago now:

All who rage against you will surely be ashamed and disgraced; those who oppose you will be as nothing, and perish. (Isaiah 41:11 NIV)

I needed this reminder of love, that’s why this was what came out for this return to this blog.

Because the greatest expression of God’s love for me happened there on the cross, where Jesus my Lord and Savior dealt with a debt bigger than the back taxes I inherited.

I need to keep my eyes on that cross, where Jesus did it all.

For me.

Hello, 2017. Nice to finally meet you.









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