The Wind and the Waves

On September 11, 2016, Gabe and Katie Orr mentioned the storms in the Gospels, how You rebuked the winds but spoke peace to the water. Rebuke the winds but speak peace to the waters.
Just as the winds stir up the waters that cause then to churn up deadly waves, so it is the unseen spirits egging on the people I’m having conflicts with.

On September 15, a random comment about storms hitting the Philippines got me on research mode, eventually leading me to this:

Wind Isn’t The Whole Story

While hurricanes are categorized based on their wind speeds, wind isn’t typically the most dangerous part of such storms. “It’s the storm surge,” said Kerry Emanuel, atmospheric scientist at MIT—that bulge of water built up in front of a cyclone or hurricane courtesy of its winds.

It’s the number one killer in hurricanes, Emanuel said. “That’s what killed people in Katrina; it’s what killed people in Sandy and in Haiyan.(

Rebuke the winds, speak peace to the waters.

Your will be done.


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