Ready To Launch


Second Sunday of 2016. I have finally received my go-signal to get back into the Praise and Worship Ministry.

As confident as I look today, I’m actually shaking inside.


I am both excited and scared. Yes, not just nervous, I am afraid. I am afraid of how big this is, and in spite of the training the Lord has put me through, I am painfully aware of how inadequate I really am.

It’s like something I heard long ago: the farther you go, the farther you realize you still have to go.

But then, that only leads to one conclusion: that whatever it is that will be accomplished through me can only be by the grace of God alone. Yes, I will work, I will practice, I will study. But even the skills and discipline needed for those “background” tasks come from Jesus alone.

And for that, I am grateful.

Grateful that this ministry is not something I need to perfect in order to please my Father, because it was He, in His good pleasure and confounding wisdom, who chose me, called me, equipped me and continues to do so as I follow my Lord Jesus.

It occurred to me as I write that it was also January when I received His call in 1988. And it was in a church here in the city where I am sitting now, digesting my double-burger lunch. The building where that church was meeting when I received that call has been torn down and replaced by a 5-star hotel. But recalling all this now has made me reminiscent.

It’s as if I was brought to visit here, today of all possible days, to celebrate my new beginning in ministry, just Jesus and me.

So I will enjoy this solitude. And I look forward to watching the Lord unfold His plan, and my place in it, for this year.

As my favorite classical composer (okay, fine, he’s from the Baroque era! Sheesh!) was known to write on his works:

Soli Deo Gloria!

To God ALONE be the glory!


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