The Truth About The Darkness

It’s all a matter of perspective.

When something that everyone else is saying is dead is suddenly being pursued passionately by someone else (so much that they keep increasing their offer), then maybe, just maybe, you’ve never been wrong in believing it can still be restored.

In a span of 8 days, I have had two people try to either scam me or get something I value, thinking I was probably just a stupid lady driver in such desperate need, I would grab at any offer. But they only ended up making me think and wonder why they want it so badly. And in the end, I can only conclude that I was never wrong in considering them valuable. I will still eventually let them go, as the seeds of blessing they are to be, and not for my own gain. But only at the right time, and only to God’s chosen receivers.
Confirmation can come through the most unexpected places: someone trying to steal from me has become a blessing to me instead.
I am my Beloved’s, and He is mine. And He has given me a wise husband to watch over and protect me, to cover me, to lead me. Whatever oppressive darkness that has been pressing down on me is slowly showing itself to be the blinding light and incredible weight of the glory of God.
The Lord is still on the throne, still watching over me, and still working in mysterious ways “that the world may know that there is a God.” Jesus still has the wheel, and I’m riding shotgun! Best place ever! 
Let the weight of Your Glory cover us
Let the Life of Your river flow
Let the Truth of Your kingdom reign in us
Let the weight of Your glory
Let the weight of Your glory
(Paul Wilbur, Let The Weight of Your Glory Fall)

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