A Day at a Time

Months after I promised I’d do a series…I come back. I can give my usual true reason of having had our internet connection get cut — to be honest, finances are still a big challenge at this time — but of course, that disconnection only lasted a few days, and not three months.

Truth is, I got addicted to Minesweeper, Dynomite Deluxe, and Facebook.

And I started writing a short story that ended up being around 50 pages in size 10 font (of course, lots of spaces there, plus some dialogues are one-line exchanges that don’t take the width of the page, but I still need to hit Enter after each line, right?) for Part 1. Part 2 requires a bit more research for me.

The miracle is how the concept of the thing isn’t leaving me yet. That’s grace for you.

I’ve also gone back to crocheting and knitting, and am learning loom-knitting.

And then, finally, Irl & I have confirmed that the Lord has cleared us to begin volunteering with our home church, New Life The Fort. The first ministry on my rotation is Production, and it’s really forced me reassess Metro Manila traffic flow, and PUV driver habits (need to remember to add about ONE HOUR for all the waiting time some jeepney and FX drivers use up waiting for passengers at every imaginable stop…).

So yeah, it’s been a busy fourth quarter of 2014 for me. But it’s now 2015.

One of my church leaders suddenly asked me one day if I still write on my blog, and I had to give a guilty grin which made her giggle. And to think, she doesn’t even know I have TWO blogs.

I am so…in trouble. hehehe 😀


I had a vivid dream a few days ago. I no longer take the images for granted after the Lord showed me, over 10 years ago, that dream images DO have meanings that actually show either how your brain is trying to process your particular situation, or may be an actual encouragement from the Lord.

Researching the images I saw in my dream, one common possible interpretation came out: nurturing a forgotten or suppressed skill. One other image has a possible meaning of “an end to stress” and the beginning of easier times.

Just writing those down is making my adrenalin surge and shout  “CHAAAAAAARGE!!” like Yosemite Sam in Bunker Hill Bunny. But maybe because I’m halfway through my 46th year, I’m finally able to sense the light movement on the reins when Jesus’ Spirit is telling me to hold my horses and calm down.

“We’re going to do this a day at a time.”

So I will follow His lead. A day at a time. There are deadlines to be met, of course, but so far, from how He seems to be leading my days lately, it’s really “anything that I can do now is still a step closer to the goal.”

For now, let me leave you with this funny video from my childhood. Happy New Year! ^_^


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