Gratitude Chain Day 2

I think most people normally do “this gratitude thing” at the end of their day. But because I saw the post where my friend tagged me in the morning, I decided to do it asap. And I think there’s a big difference. It reminds me of one of the Hebrew words for praise, todah, which I believe has something to do with gratitude or thankfulness, but with the added implication of being grateful even if nothing has happened yet. At least, that’s how I understand Carman’s explanation of it.

Today I am grateful for the big and little things that God uses to tweak my life’s little moments to be just right for me:

The big things:

I thank God for Cornerstone Academy and Trumpets Musicademy, specifically, my friends Lissa and Lani, who, in spite of seeing my feelings of inadequacy as a Voice teacher, choose to continue to have me work in their schools.

I thank God for my laptop and its genius doctor JAsis, because I am able to keep learning and growing because of this wonderful tool — I write, study (thanks, Coursera and edX), read to my heart’s greed (thanks, Kindle), get inexpensive family entertainment (thanks, youtube), help my home-schooled learn to research and find additional resources for learning (thanks, Khan Academy), and most precious to me, perhaps, connect with friends, old and new, virtual and real (FB says I’ve accrued more than 2500 of you, thanks to the Blood games, Castle Age, and the group Grace Folks, but of course, some of you I’ve gotten to interact with more than others — forgive me for not listing you all down hehehe)

And the little things:

I thank God for my Stitch mugs — stainless-steel 14-ounce mug I got on sale, buy-1-take-1 which I use for things like mixing my morning caffeine-eggnog fix, frothy tea (teh tarik and teh halia), steam inhalation with Pei Pa Koa when I have colds, sometimes even overnight oatmeal. I will be passing them on today to my daughters, primarily to help them with steam inhalation. I hope a store goes on sale with something similar to them soon… 🙂

Found during a mall-wide sale, I think in 2012. And that’s my trusty ASUS EEE PC in the background. 🙂

And I thank God for my Blackberry 8520 — Irl had won it in a party raffle, and it replaced my stolen Android. It’s old now, and it’s getting some problematic keys (from overuse, no doubt), but it works hard for me, from basic communication, to my Bible and Kindle apps, to Viber, to social networking and work emails, and even as my business and teaching tool (I have my students’ music there, and my loading sideline). I do want to upgrade, yes, but only so that I can get a free pdf reader (and read more books on it) and get better resolution for my pictures, but as it is now, it’s what I need.

The Bible speaks of not despising the day of little things, and Jesus said something to the effect of “he who is faithful in little will be faithful in much”. I hope that in learning to be grateful for these little things God gives to tickle my heart, I will also be grateful for the big things He brings to complete my life on earth.


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