Gratitude Chain Day 1

Been more than a year, I think…

I’ve been thinking of a way to get back to blogging. This week in particular is special to me, because 30 years ago this week, specifically last September 3, I was told: “Remember today’s date: it’s the date you prayed to receive Jesus as your Lord and Savior.”

Today, on Facebook, I found myself tagged on two statuses. One was about the 10 books that has stayed with you. Among the comments was “Harry Potter series, 7 books, LOTR, 3 books: 10!” So I decided to reply in the same way: via the comments, but with authors and their series…cheating, I know, hehehe…still, I came up with at least 10 authors.

Not bad, I think 🙂

The second tag was for the Gratitude Chain. And as I was writing down my first entry, I thought: “hey, I can put this in my blog!”

So from my Facebook status, I copy and paste here:

Just got tagged to join the gratitude chain. One week, I think? Here goes day 1:

Grateful to God for the sun today — after several days of waking up to grey skies, it was a sweet blessing to wake up to a bright day with a view of the blue sky peeping through white albeit thick clouds.

Taken with my Blackberry 8520’s 2MP camera. I know it doesn’t look very blue, but you can still see the sun, and that it’s not a complete cloud cover 🙂

Grateful for Irl — he found a way to turn down our old fan (buttons got buried) so it gave just enough breeze to shoo away mosquitoes, but didn’t freeze my toes off; grateful also for the sheet I found in an ukay-ukay years ago, made from t-shirt material, as recommended by Oprah, who said they’d be cool when it’s warm, and warm when it’s cold – she was right!

Grateful for Jodie and Roni — unbelievably responsible young ladies who love to laugh, read, sing, share, prefer to stay at home (who needs the mall, when there are so many stuff to read around the house?) with the dog and cat; they’ve learned a bit of cooking, and prepare their snacks themselves, unless Mommy decides to make pancakes or champorado.

Grateful for New Life The Fort — I believe I’ve finally been brought home, after decades of searching. I love my church, I’m grateful for my pastors, my LifeGroup leaders, Jojo and Tina, all the people who welcomed us (One Flesh Couples Ministry and Music Team members) even before we got involved in the ministry. Looking forward to finally giving back time and talent, in addition to the tithes and treasures we have been so privileged to offer in this church. Thank you for bringing me home, Dad.

And I have to remember to post everyday for at least 1 week. I hope I can do it. 🙂


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