Jesus First: More in One Second


Yeah, I know it’s three weeks into 2014 by now (and almost a year since my last blog here – so so sorry – somehow the WordPress app on my “old” Blackberry can’t post), and it’s not that big a deal anymore. Still, I want to milk that blessing for as long as I can:  Happy New Year!!

For almost two years now, our family has been planted in a church called New Life the Fort, a daughter church of New Life Christian Center based in Alabang, Metro Manila. So far, it has proven to be truly the Lord’s choice of the house we are to be planted in. Not saying it’s perfect, nor that the other churches we’ve been in are less, only that, as a friend once told me (about 25 years ago), it’s  GOD  who chooses where to plant you.

This year, NLTF’s theme is JESUS FIRST. And if you’ve been a Christian for any amount of time, you’d know this isn’t as simplistic as it seems. Because even for us Christians, it is not always easy to put Jesus first.

But we’re counting on His Spirit to help us do it even more proactively this year, for starters. 🙂

This past Sunday, our senior pastor, Jocel Evangelista (lookit! Even his name means “gospel”!), said something in his introduction that I believe was an answer to my heart’s prayer. He said, “God can do more in one second that we can in (he shrugs as he thinks) ten years.”

I knew God gave him that specific figure: ten years. I believe there may be others in the church with their own question, but that was assurance for me right there.

You see, 2014 is the tenth year since the fire that took my mother, and this loopy roller-coaster ride began. For almost ten years, I have been dealing with debts (tax debts, business debts, personal debts), and I know that in consequence, I have been living with constant stress. So to hear those words – that God can do more in ONE second than I can in TEN years – was like honey to my weakening body (anybody remember Jonathan’s power-surge during one of the battles in 1 Samuel?), or a taste of water in the wilderness. Although I must admit, it didn’t brighten my eyes or renew my strength like what happened to Jonathan.

Not at all.

It made me sigh, sit back, and relax. And when we got home from church, I fell asleep. Still wearing my church clothes. As in, I sat down on our bed, and next thing I knew, it was morning, I had a blanket on (Irl tucked me in) and Irl was snoring deeply beside me.

NLTF’s song for this time sings “We’re running, ’cause all that You are is all that we want now.” But non-conformist that I am, I am sensing a different leading.

You have been running for ten years now, and I’m delighted in how you’ve hung on to My promises. From now on, you just let Me carry you, and I’ll do the running.

Thank You, Lord Jesus.

I’ll do my best to keep you guys updated.



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