From Flare to Free

After writing the previous blog, Irl and I had to get ready for our evening. As an accredited speaker for our MLM network, Irl had 2 invitations to the soft-launch of VMobile Technologies Inc’s latest program, mylife pro, and I was his date. Of course.

We were told to go in smart casual attire. Need to resculpt my curves before you can convince me to wear a dress.

See those pins? Those are Team Renaissance pins. Spiffy, huh?

Anyway, there were quite a bit of people there, and all the telecom partners were there: Smart, Sun, and Globe. We got to meet one of the representatives of Globe in the elevator, and while we were all lined up to register for the event, one other lady from Globe was holding out a box for calling cards because they’d be raffling off two Blackberry Curve 8520s. I saw it, and told Daddy God: “I want that.”

But Irl and I hadn’t had calling cards made… 😦

“We have someone with small pieces of paper where you can write your name and contact number if you don’t have cards,” she said with a pretty smile. Shoulda taken her pic!

I looked for that person at the registration table, filled out my little piece of paper, and asked Irl to do it too. Then we enjoyed the photobooth, the hors d’oeuvres (the mini-chicken ala king was the tastiest), the juice. Pics here and there. Until finally, the main program was about to start.

Globe Telecom was the first telecom partner to talk of their new programs to assist VMobile members (easier, faster, and more accessible load wallet replenishment!! YEY!!). Then the lady in the elevator and the lady with the Blackberry, with a third representative, went on stage for the raffle. Guy reached into the box, and pulls out…a square piece of paper!!

I calmed my breathing…Irl had gone to get water…the seats I had chosen partially blocked the stage, so I was standing up for a clear view…

“With cellphone number,” the guy begins, then stops. “No, never mind the number…” Probably not a Globe number? I had written down my new Smart number, because my old Globe number had been in the stolen Flare…


My cheer dominated the room *I’d like to thank my voice teachers and mentors for teaching me the correct way to project my voice without straining my vocal system* and the rest of Team Renaissance erupted in cheers. Irl, carrying two glasses of water, had to rush back to hand them to me so he could claim the prize.

We asked the representatives of Globe Telecom for a photo op at the end of the party.
We asked the representatives of Globe Telecom for a photo op at the end of the party.
The two Blackberry winners of the night. The lady is from Team Tycoon. Congratulations!
The two Blackberry winners of the night. The lady is from Team Tycoon. Congratulations!

After the party, we headed to our leaders’ residence for a late dinner and some strategic planning. Of course, someone couldn’t wait to get her hands on her hubby’s new gift (given by their heavenly Daddy), and had to have her hubby set dinner aside for her while she tore through the package…

Twice this past week, two consecutive days I think, God let me encounter this passage:

If a man steals an ox or sheep and kills or sells it, he shall pay five oxen for an ox, or four sheep for a sheep. (Exodus 22:1 AMP)

My Cherry Mobile S100 Flare got stolen, but my life was spared. After three weeks, He gave Irl a Blackberry Curve 8520 that Irl gave to me. Based on original retail prices, the Curve would be about 4 times the price of the Flare…just as God decreed would be returned to us.

Hmm…Curve. I said something about not knowing when we’ll start to hit the upward curve of the circle of life…whether this is it or not, all that matters now is that all throughout, Jesus is truly with us.

And I am truly GRATEFUL.

(Julianne’s really beautiful too, isn’t she? Great voice, great songwriter too! I’m grateful she’s my friend, too!)


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