God Still Loves Me Anyway!

I’d been thinking of giving up this blog. I feel that it’s gone the wrong way…that most of the things I’ve ended up posting reeked of my pride more than of Jesus. And I’m not sure I wanna go and check.

But when I checked in today, I found a pending comment from 30 days ago, so I went to look at the blog where the comment was. It was a great answer to my conundrum. So yes, while I have started a lighter-hearted blog (deescoveringlife.wordpress,com), I think Jesus wants me to keep Eyes on the Cross. Let me start 2013 with His reminder to me from way back June 1 2010. To commenter Nathan Christensen (you have a wonderful name, did you know that? Gift of God…son of Christ’s disciple), God didn’t just lead you to that 2 year old blog for your question, but also for my sake. I thank God for you.

Have a great 2013 with Jesus, everybody!

Eyes on The Cross

I just read something that I have to react to. But I need to give a bit of background about me first.

I became a Christian in 1984, and it has not been an easy ride. I sometimes envy others who tell of how they were social problems before they heard about Jesus, and how His love turned them around.

I don’t have that kind of story.

I was the favored child, the smarter one. I was sent to exclusive schools, given the best opportunity to hone my music skills, allowed to go to any university I wanted. But when I chose to trust Jesus to save me and lead me (what Christians would call “receiving Jesus as Savior and Lord”), things went downhill.

I lost favor with my family. When I discovered that I really wanted to be a musician for Jesus more than a filmmaker (my original college…

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