Just Thinking

With all that’s happening here in the Philippines about the Cybercrime Law and Libel, this quote caught my eye.

Aristotle says: “To avoid criticism say nothing, do nothing, be nothing.”

Criticism is NOT libel.

Libel is a false publication that damages a person’s reputation.

Cursing out of frustration with people who are expected to know better may be rude, but it isn’t libel, either.

Again, CRITICISM IS NOT LIBEL. It’s an opposite view, based on a different perspective, because YOU can’t see everything from where you are. The delivery may sometimes be rude, and therefore more destructive that constructive, but depending on your ego, even the most constructive and kindest-voiced criticism can be received wrongly. But that doesn’t make it libel. Because the bottom line of criticism, whether constructive or destructive, is to correct. To HELP.


If you can’t accept criticism, that simply means one thing: you’re still immature. Because only self-centered brats can’t accept being told they made a mistake. A mature person with healthy self-esteem would know that in spite of the manner of delivery, every criticism is valid, because every person’s opinion is valid.

Only self-centered brats would react to criticism as if the critic was trying to destroy their world, or at least, whatever it is they were trying to build. Mature people know that critics are merely pointing out something they didn’t see. And in spite of the blow to their pride, they will be able to use the criticism to improve themselves.

Selfish brats will lash back. Not fight back, lash back. Because they will not be satisfied with simply criticizing back. They will do their utmost to shut up their critics, for good, if possible.

Not knowing that the best way to shut up critics is to prove them wrong. To show them that you’re ready to listen to and accept their views, and yet are able to stand up for your own ideas. And when proven wrong, able to admit it, willing to change, and move on.

Criticism is not libel. If you want to avoid criticism, say nothing, do nothing, be nothing. And if you want to avoid public criticism, then say nothing publicly, do nothing publicly, be nothing publicly.

And if you venture into the public eye, then be ready to receive criticism, both delivered rudely or kindly.

But please, don’t call it libel. Because it’s not.

Criticism. Is. Not. Libel.


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