Moving On

There have been reasons I don’t write, but this last hiatus has been really more a matter of “why am I doing this? Everybody’s doing this, what do I have to say that hasn’t been already said or posted somewhere else?”

But I guess once you’ve started writing, it’s really not easy to stop. And at the risk of looking like I’m just doing this for myself – well, I am, in a way, doing this for myself. Processing my thoughts has always been easier for me when I see them in black and white.

I found myself writing this status on my Facebook, but I know its real place is here.

I’ve been thinking: I think just talking about Jesus or hearing preaching that mentions Jesus does not necessarily mean the Gospel has been preached. In my almost 28 years of being a born-again Christian, I’ve heard preaching where Jesus is held up as an example to follow, or as a teacher with great tips for living, a miracle-worker, a good man. But that’s not what Jesus came to earth to do or be. He came to save. He came to be Savior. So until Jesus is preached as having died on the cross so our sins can be paid for, and having risen again so our lives can be redeemed, then we have not really shared the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We have not shared the Good NEWS – not suggestions, not teachings, not example, but NEWS – about what He has done to save us, which is why we also call Him Lord. After all, if He just brought ideals for us to live up too, He wouldn’t be different from all the other founders of different philosophies and religions.

But Jesus IS different from them. The cross and the empty tomb are what make Him different from every other religious figure on earth. And I think that until we frame His name with what He accomplished in those two distinct points in history, then we have not understood the Gospel. And we won’t be able to proclaim it faithfully.


A friend commented, “Preach it, pastora!” *toink*

I am not in the pastoral ministry. Just really wondering “out loud”. And hoping that writing about my musings will help me find an answer or two –  even if it means more questions down the road.

I think I’m ready to move on.


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