Taking a Break

The Christmas rush is getting more wilder in Christmas-mad Philippines…we who begin playing Christmas carols in September 1, and who, despite efforts of Americanized commerce, have steadfastly ignored Halloween and Thanksgiving — they are, after all, American holidays, and not Filipino ones.

In the midst of that rush came my friends from The Edge Media with our yearly First Day of Christmas celebration. This year it was in Boys Town in Marikina. It also marked the first time ever I went around by myself in my own car. MINE! An early Christmas gift from my Heavenly Dad!

Meet The Dude: our new old car -- it's actually classified as a station wagon.

I had posted a call for donations about two weeks before the event, and 3 friends replied. So Jesus and I went on a date with The Dude — one of the only times He lets me take the driver’s seat — last friday to pick up the donations of the last 2 friends (I had picked up one batch the day before, with the kids helping me) after an emergency visit to the dentist. On my way to the 2nd – and last – house, I received a text asking me to come about 3 hours later.

So I decided to take a break.


frazzled and hungry driver

It wasn’t as big a feast as it looks, because I didn’t eat everything. I ordered the Roast Chicken and Spaghetti just for the chicken…which was dry…oh well.

You don’t believe I didn’t eat everything? I have proof of my left-overs that I took home!

That’s the 2nd piece of chicken, and ALL the spaghetti!


It’s great to know Jesus doesn’t say “no” to treating myself like this. That day was a break from a lot of stuff: from the house, to be by myself, and to treat myself to a dinner I didn’t have to prepare and won’t have to wash the dishes for after…

And I am grateful!


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