Facebook Answers: Who’s Afraid of Hell?

This will be a rather disjointed and repetitive blog, as I will be just posting my answers on Facebook to someone’s questions about hell. Truthfully, I’d rather talk about Jesus. But I guess things are happening now, and hell is becoming a trending topic…arrrgh.

I saw your question about someone not believing and still going to heaven as unfair. Let me ask you: how do you think the person who chose NOT to believe will feel if he ends up with the One he didn’t want to be with anyway? For us grace folks, seeing in heaven someone whom we never thought believed is a glorious thing! But for those who didn’t believe, after all God has done and proven to them, if they end up in heaven with Jesus, THEY will probably shout: “UNFAIR!!!”

I think the real problem some people have in accepting there is a literal hell is that they don’t know why God made it. Jesus gave the reason for hell in Matthew 25:41: The eternal fire created for the devil and his demons. Revelation 20 bears this out. And if people, pardon the phrase, go to hell after they die, it is because they have rejected Jesus and His gift of eternal life. There is only one way to eternal life, and that is Jesus. And Jesus is the only way because Jesus is the only one who died in our place to receive the punishment due us because of sin. You’re right, there would be an unfair aspect if people made it to heaven without believing in Jesus: IT WOULD BE UNFAIR TO JESUS, BECAUSE IF WE CAN GO TO HEAVEN WITHOUT HIM, THEN WE JUST SLAPPED HIS CROSS, HIS WOUNDS, HIS BLOOD, HIS SUFFERING AND DEATH ON OUR BEHALF, AND HIS GLORIOUS RESURRECTION IN HIS FACE. The true focus should not be: “Why will they go to hell just because they didn’t choose Jesus?” but rather: “All they need to do is believe in Jesus, then they won’t go to hell? AWESOME! Let’s tell them and convince them!

That was why Jesus came, why the apostles went out, why there are missionaries going out to the ends of the earth, and pastors and teachers teaching us how to share the gospel with that gossip next door: because God ISN’T allowing anyone to continue in the curse of the law that will lead to eternal death. People who will end up in the place God prepared for the punishment of satan and his demons are people who rejected the message of the Good News of Jesus. Which means, that they made the choice. God didn’t send them to hell, they chose it by rejecting eternal life in Jesus. And if you reject eternal life, then you have chosen eternal death. The lake of fire. Not God, you. Or would you rather God forced someone who already expressly rejected Jesus to live eternally with the One he rejected? That would violate God’s love, and God is love. Not coercion. Not force. Love.

I hear you that eternal life begins now. But it cannot be “eternal” life if it is only for NOW and has no bearing on the future. That is why it is called HOPE. There are aspects that are still to come, and they ARE coming, thank You, Jesus! I believe hell is a real place, because in Matthew 25, that parable that you said was about the Kingdom, Jesus also says that the eternal fire is created for the devil and his demons. I believe there is a hell because I cannot believe that God will not punish Satan and his demons. And as for people going to hell, Jesus’ statement clearly says what the eternal fire was created and prepared for: NOT for people. People will have to choose hell by rejecting Jesus and His gift of eternal life. So I do my best to tell people about Jesus and what He has done, that has power for them beginning now, until eternity. If they ask about hell, I tell them what Jesus says about it.

IF hell is only a “spiritual” place…then what kind of punishment for the devil and the demons is that going to be?

If the lake of fire was just symbolic, where will the devil and his minions be punished? Because Jesus Himself says that the lake of fire was “prepared for the devil and his angels.” (Matthew 25:41) So you really believe that God will only SYMBOLICALLY PUNISH SATAN for his rebellion against the Most High God and subsequent oppression of humanity? Jesus would also mention Gehenna (translated as “hell”) as the opposite of “eternal life.” Does it really just mean the trash dump? If you can’t reconcile hell and God, it might be because you have glossed over this little statement of Jesus. JESUS SAID THE ETERNAL FIRE (IS) PREPARED FOR THE DEVIL AND HIS DEMONS (NLT). Or will you say that this is also just a symbolic statement because He said it in a parable? If you can’t accept that people might go to hell for not receiving and believing what Jesus has done for them, THEN DO THE RIGHT THING: TELL THEM ABOUT JESUS, HIS COMPLETE AND FINISHED WORK ON THEIR BEHALF, AND PLEAD WITH THEM TO BELIEVE THAT ALL THEY HAVE TO DO IS BELIEVE. Don’t lie to them that there is no hell. There IS a hell, and it’s not a landfill or a trash dump. It is eternal fire, the only punishment sufficient for the rebellion of the devil and his demons. But the real, loving truth about hell is, IT IS NOT FOR MAN. That was why Jesus came! Isn’t that Good News?

Saying there is no hell does not make Jesus a liar. Saying everyone is saved and won’t go to hell and still go to heaven even if they don’t believe in Jesus makes Jesus USELESS. Jesus is the only way to the Father. If people can’t accept that and refuse to believe that message, then it is not the messenger they should call close-minded, but the Sender of the message. Keep studying and asking. But don’t close your mind to your definition that people who believe there is a hell are saying “burn, baby, burn!” to those who don’t believe. That sounds judgmental. We believe there is a hell, whether we like it or not – and believe me, WE DON’T! – because Jesus said there is a hell, and He let John see it and write about it to us. So if you say there is no hell, you are not calling Jesus a liar, you are just not agreeing with Jesus. But because Jesus is truth, then you’re contradicting the truth. And when you contradict the truth…you lie.


9 thoughts on “Facebook Answers: Who’s Afraid of Hell?

  1. “For us *grace* folks, seeing in heaven someone whom we never thought believed is a glorious thing! But for those who didn’t believe, after all God has done and proven to them, if they end up in heaven with Jesus, THEY will probably shout: “UNFAIR!!!”

    Wow! I was just tag-surfing, and came across your post… What an outstanding job you’ve done in the way you’ve shown what God’s heart truly is for people: to be with *Him* forever! But (as is often the case) despite God’s outrageous and off-the-charts generous love, there are still some who choose (operative word) to trash Him… Throughout Scripture grace is linked to truth. Can’t have one without the other. THANK you for sharing your heart – & God’s -in this truly grace-filled post you’ve written. I’ll be back to read some more! – gracie;-)

    p.s. You’re totally correct: hell *is* becoming a “trending topic” (how strange is that?). I, too, would rather talk about JESUS, yet this topic of a literal hell is one that we *need* to talk about.


    1. Hi Gracie!

      Thanks for dropping by! I’ll try to be more faithful in blogging. Sometimes I end up just hogging my conversations with God, but I’ve read some of your Sneak Peeks, and I’m really encouraged. Thank you for sharing those stories! God bless you greatly, more and more and more!! ^_^


  2. Yes actually you do make Jesus out a liar when you say He will not save all. Jesus didn’t die for nothing if all are saved. Jesus died SO THAT all are saved. Anyone not knowing Jesus now lives outside the Kingdom and in fact is in hell. There is no time frame for an eternal God. You gloss over many scriptures claiming ALL will be saved. Do you really call it a victory at the same time believing only a few are saved? God and God alone must show His reality in opening the eyes and hearts of man. We believers believe not because someone told us but because the Holy Spirit showed us. We were all in darkness at one time and only by the Grace of God do we know the truth. The disciples didn’t even believe until Jesus showed Himself and even Peter denied Him. It is pride arrogance and boasting to suggest somehow believers are superior because God chose to reveal Himself to them. Those who reject Jesus only do so because they are still in the darkness. Why? Don’t know but I do know a believer is telling an untruth when they say they believe out of fear. Until God shows you Himself your not in truth a believer. Jesus came to reconcile us to God not simply to keep us out of hell and this would be a hell He Himself created. Adam sinned all were separated from God, Christ gave His life and reversed what Adam did so all will live. The sadness is those who don’t know God so yes they must be told but they will only believe if God opens their mind to recieve it. If hell were literal their likely would be no one in Heaven. We should be going there for not spending every waking moment telling of this horrific news! Surely it’s not good news. Do you really think God is going to leave the fate of His children in our hands? You give more honor to a loving albeit strict disciplinarian earthy parent than you do Almighty God. No sane person would eternally torment his own child or even his enemy. God commands we love our enemies do you doubt He does. There is no love in allowing a person to choose out of ignorance eternal torture. Anyone not choosing Jesus is not choosing hell! What a ridiculous thing to say. You can’t make an intelligent decision when you don’t believe in the first place!


    1. Hello Kim! Sorry for my late reply.

      I’m sorry you feel that I have glossed over some verses. These responses were to a specific question, on whether or not hell exists. And I said, based on Jesus’ words, I believe it is a real place, for the punishment of the devil and his minions, NOT for people. And that God is doing everything, including sending His one and only Son so that whoever believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life: God HIMSELF is making sure people will not go to hell.

      You are right: God sends the Holy Spirit to open the minds of people in the dark to Jesus. And shockingly, He even uses us believers in the process. And the bible also says that God’s will is that no man will perish, but that all will come to eternal life. I have seen that God doesn’t really need us believers to reach those who are still in the dark — doesn’t mean we don’t need to tell people about Jesus, only that we can trust God to save those we have not been able to reach. And because of this, I also believe that when the final judgment comes, NO ONE can say “i didn’t know”. God uses so many things now, we believers among them, to make sure people will hear the good news: “all sins are forgiven because Jesus has paid for them all on the cross — be reconciled to God!” The bible also states that God has put the knowledge of Him in the hearts of men, so that men will be without excuse. Somehow, in spite of us, the Holy Spirit is telling people about Jesus, and people who have never been reached by missionaries get to know Jesus and are receiving His salvation.

      And with God’s zeal for mankind, I believe that hell will serve it’s purpose: the eternal punishment of the devil and the other angels who rebelled against God. I say it again: God did not create hell to send people there. People have a Savior, His Name is Jesus. And He is still coming to save people Himself: I have met an couple in an Islamic country who “met” Jesus in a vision, and THEN they found missionaries who helped them learn more.

      But even a loving parent knows there is a limit to how much of your will you can impose on your child. The parents’ job is to train their children enough so that they can make informed decisions for themselves. So when the final judgment comes, and there are still people who have chosen to reject Jesus and His offer of salvation, one thing they will NOT be able to say to God is “I didn’t know.” Because God Himself will make sure they know. And that is why I said that if one rejects Jesus, after all the revelations about Him the the Holy Spirit personally gives to each one of us, then one has in effect chosen to be away from God: hell.


  3. a decree(spoken or written) is basicly a statement or proclamation of what one will do or accomplish…below is the best solution to the eternal torment problem,God will step in and overturn the judgment decree of “eternal punishment” proclaimed in scripture

    there are two decrees that God proclaimed in his word for the destiny of every soul

    #1..salvation,Eternal life

    #2..judgment,Eternal punishment

    from what im aware of only the first decree “Eternal life” is promised and sealed as a decree(ephes1:13-14,titus1:2)…..what this means is that God cannot change his mind about giving us Eternal life because he stated it as a Promise,making that decree untouchable or sealed

    However the second decree(Eternal punishment) does’nt seem to be through a promise but just as a decree by itself……what this means is that God is allowed to change his mind and eventually overturn this decree and either annihilate or reconcile the remaining sinners in hell

    God gave us an example of this in the book of jonah………God proclaimed the decree quote”Yet in forty days ninevah will be destroyed”…however God didnt seal this decree by Promising it(which would force him to keep it),he simply spoke it as a decree by itself….this allowed the Lord to eventually change his mind and overturn that decree(God did’nt lie because he didnt proclaim it as a promise}

    i believe God will allow the “Judgment” decree to play out until he eventually either annihilates or reconciles every single soul in hell including satan and his angels

    remember our eternal inheritence is Promised…which means God cannot change his mind about our eternal life…our decree is stated as a promise therefore cannot be overturned………anybody can proclaim their going to do something…but the moment that person says “I Promise”he must make it happen….in the same way God can do likewise,….the bible only mentions the decree of Eternal Life by a promise,there does’nt appear to be any scripture confirming “eternal punishment” as a promise


    1. Hello Sam! Sorry for my late reply.

      That’s an interesting point, thank you for sharing it. I love what you say, that our eternal inheritance is PROMISED, which is why I know the God is working to fulfill that promise in every human being’s life. I guess my question is more about here: “i believe God will allow the “Judgment” decree to play out until he eventually either annihilates or reconciles every single soul in hell including satan and his angels.”

      It would probably be a more merciful thing, from my finite view, to annihilate the devil and his angels. But so far, the words I see in the bible is “where they will be tormented day and night, forever and ever.” (Revelations 20:10b NLT) It wasn’t a promise, yes, but it sure was stated like a fact, even if it was “just” a vision…

      Do you really believe in their eventual annihilation? And if so, how did you come to that belief? I really would like to know what you think. Thanks!


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