The Provider More Than Supplies

God is a God that prepares for His people. Long before there is a challenge facing you, God has prepared an answer. – Joseph Prince

We think of God as Provider when we only mean Supplier. Supplier is just one aspect of Provider. Provider is so much more. It is “one who sees before, and prepares for it.” God can supply because He has provided.

Abraham called God “Provider” because he realized that all along, He had already sent a ram to replace Isaac as offering. God had seen ahead, so that when he was asked to sacrifice Isaac, the ram was probably already being led by an angelic shepherd along the mountain path to be caught in the thicket just beyond Abraham’s line of sight when he comes to the point of sacrifice. The ram was there BEFORE Abraham got there, before he even realized he would need a sacrifice, because as far as he was concerned, Isaac was the sacrifice.

That was why Paul confidently told his Philippian brothers that “My God shall supply all your needs, according to His glorious riches.” The ultimate expression of God’s provision has been revealed: Jesus Christ, in whom all God’s promises are “yes!” and “so be it!” I love how François du Toit (author of God Believes in You and my Facebook friend) expressed it:

“God found you in Christ before you were lost in Adam.”


So what are you facing now? Do you need money for something? He supplies bonuses and givers, even debtors who suddenly remember to pay. Do you need a friend to listen? He sends someone who won’t judge or scold, but will hug and lead. Do you need healing? He has prepared friends to pray for you and a doctor to help you, and He has given that doctor the training and information needed to help you. Not to mention the funds for the medicines should they be needed.

Nothing is too trivial that God has not seen it ahead of time and not prepared for it.

Friday. I was out with my daughters. While waiting for the last bus ride home, we saw how many people were waiting too. And I prayed with them: “Thank You, Jesus, that You will give us a bus to ride where we can sit down.” When the bus arrived, it was full by the time we got on, and I could see my girls’ disappointed faces. But as we moved to the back of the bus (our stop is near the end of the line), a miracle happened: a man stood up and gave up his seat for the girls. As I was fumbling for fare, another miracle happened: another man stood up and gave ME his seat! Even the ladies beside me got a free ride when the bus conductor saw them: seems they live in the same area. Miracle night on the bus! When we were all finally able to sit together, I whispered to the girls:

“There were no seats when we got on, but two men let us sit down. Jesus answered our prayer, didn’t He?”

And it suddenly clicked for them. We had been on several full bus rides, and the most they would get would be ladies offering to let the girls sit on their laps. Friday was the FIRST time they experienced someone giving up a seat for them; usually, the seat would be offered to me, then I’d sit them on my lap. But the first man had actually tapped the shoulder of one of my daughters as he got up, meaning it was for them. So they had one of their first lessons on how God answers prayers: usually not in the way you think.

But He does answer. Because He has seen the ahead of time what will happen to us, and has prepared for those times. Because He is supplier, He more than supplies our needs. He comes Himself, the Holy Spirit, to be Emmanuel: God with us. And all of this is possible because of what Jesus, God saves, has accomplished completely on our behalf, around 2000 years ago.

Glory to God!


4 thoughts on “The Provider More Than Supplies

  1. “Supplier is just one aspect of Provider. Provider is so much more. It is ‘one who sees before, and prepares for it.’ God can supply because He has provided.”

    Wow, irlsgirl, that simple definition is *so* beautifully clear — God’s *ability* to not only *supply*, but to *provide* — is stamped all over it! Love your writing style;-) (His fingerprints are all over it, too!)

    I would be interested in hearing/reading your thoughts regarding God’s provisions — amazing to me! — in a few earlier posts I put up (in Jan/Feb. of this year), “Sneak Peeks”. My deepest prayer as I wrote those is my same prayer now: that our beloved God (the One Who knows what we need, even *before* we ask!) would encourage your heart as you read them, and would strengthen your faith as an “ask-er”! Blessings your way! – gracie;-) Eph. 3:20-21!


    1. Hi Gracie!

      Just read two of you Sneak Peeks, and let me just say: your prayer for me that you wrote here was answered, and continues to be answered! Reading your stories gave me the encouragement I need to take a particular step of faith at this time. You are a blessing! God bless you greatly, more and more and more!!!


  2. God has answered *another* prayer? Let’s give thanks to HIM, irlsgirl, for He IS good! His covenant love *never* ends — is that a comfort, or…what? Our brother James says that we don’t *have* because we don’t *ask* God for what we need! Many parents see *exactly* what their children need — and get it for them *before* the kids ever ask. Our “Papa”, however, *loves* to demonstrate His ability to supply *and* to provide for us, irlsgirl… In Jesus’ Name, I’m adding my prayers to yours and those who know you as you take this step of faith — HE is *more* than able… He can do above & beyond all that we could possibly ask, think, or even imagine — I’d say He’s got the bases “covered”, wouldn’t you? THANKS for blessing me with your writing, and now with your visits;-) Let’s see how He will demonstrate His faithfulness & unchanging love for you “next”! Please keep me posted on breaking developments in how He’s answering! – gracie;-)


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