Of Sun and Rain and Answered Prayers

Having a brother who works for Enchanted Kingdom definitely has its perks. Like free family day tickets for the whole family. And because he lives nearby, we also have the option of eating at their house instead of at the park.

But yesterday, May 31, we only took one of the privileges: the free tickets. We had been waiting two weeks to be able to use them, and finally, it was time!

But there was the weather to worry about. For several days, it has been raining, and raining hard. And rather long. Sure, it made the days cooler, and the nights great for hibernation, but it would not do to have it happen when going to a theme park!

So I prayed, and prayed hard. For sun on Sunday. Trivial, some would probably sniff at me. God is much too busy with the greater things of the universe to bother about your fun on one day! Who are you anyway that God would do that for you?

I’m no one. Nobody. But to God I’m not nobody. I’m his daughter who asks simply if we could have sun on Sunday so we could enjoy the day. Funny, but he doesn’t seem to mind such trivial prayers.

Because we got our sun. In fact, it was so hot and bright that we had to stop to rest after only our second ride. Then other friends, also blessed with the free tickets from my brother, came and we had TWO rounds of the Rio Grande Rapids.

We were on our way back to the bump cars when the heavens opened and poured down coolness on the day. Was God reneging on his answer? No. I can only imagine how someone else may have asked for rain, and seeing all those younger people throwing all caution to the wind and walk around in the rain made Tianne and me wish we could do it too. If not for our little girls who we were trying to set healthy examples for, we probably would have. Specially after finding new stalls in EK that sold clothes at really good prices. No Enchanted Kingdom logos, but hey, clothes are clothes when your jeans are wet!

Tianne ended up buying EK clothes for her kids, while Irl and I decided to invest in EK rain ponchos. As soon as the rain started letting up, the rides started again, and kids of all ages lined up, got on, screamed, got off, and lined up to do it all again!

We holed up in the outdoor food area, where we discovered that one of the members of the featured band Seventh Soul was a friend, so we got a greet from the stage, which embarrassed the girls, but not Irl and me (ksp…). And where we discovered Hotshots Burger with Wasabi sauce. Would’ve taken a picture, but we were too busy eating it…talk about a kick!

We got to watch fireworks, ride the 10-storey or so Wheel of Fate, the balloons of Up, Up and Away, before heading off home. But it was still about 2 hours before we got home because the van was waiting for passengers. It was past midnight by the time we got home, tired but amazingly very fulfilled.

Fulfilled? Sun and rain, family and friends, going out to play and coming home to rest. What better way to spend time with your family? Everything provided for. We missed being able to have dinner with my brother and his family, but his generosity allowed us to spend time with good friends. And what better way to spend a day, whether sunny or rainy, than with family and friends?

I prayed for my family to be able to enjoy out trip to Enchanted Kingdom. I thought sun was needed, so God gave me sun in the morning to assure me it would be a fun day. And when it rained, I discovered that fun is something you have in you, regardless of sun or rain.

“He gives his sunlight to both the evil and the good, and he sends the rain on the just and the unjust alike.” (Matthew 5:45 NLT). To judge God’s love for me by sun and rain will drive me to doubt. Not to mention crazy.

No. He has shown me his love when Jesus gave his life for me on the Cross. And whether it rains or shines, I know for sure he loves me, and will hear my prayer. And he will answer it in the way that he knows best.

All because of Jesus.


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