Midweek Date Seeds

No, that’s not related to Medjool dates – but I like those dates, too 😊 For several weeks now, Irl and I have been going on what we’ve come to call our Midweek Dates. Because of Irl’s work schedule, the Midweek service of our church New Life The Fort has become our new “home” service. … More Midweek Date Seeds

Jehoshaphat’s Choir

Several times in the past weeks, the story of Jehoshaphat’s battle in 2 Chronicles 20 has cropped up in my life. And as a music minister and worship-leading team member, my attention was captured by verse 21: After consulting the people, Jehoshaphat appointed men to sing to the Lord and to praise him for the splendor of … More Jehoshaphat’s Choir


Hello, 2017. I had wanted to post a different entry yesterday, Jan 1 for me (Jan 2 now in the Philippines), but obviously I wasn’t able to. This was the picture that got “accidentally” uploaded when I tried to post again today. But there are never any accidents with God. I couldn’t read what was … More 2017

Why Write?

Why write? I tend to just want to rant when I write, and “love keeps no record of wrongs.” So for years I avoided writing, my heart’s greatest expression. The equal of singing. But You told me to write. A book, You said. You’re kidding, I said. For eight years. I knew You wanted me … More Why Write?