Why Write?

Why write? I tend to just want to rant when I write, and “love keeps no record of wrongs.” So for years I avoided writing, my heart’s greatest expression. The equal of singing. But You told me to write. A book, You said. You’re kidding, I said. For eight years. I knew You wanted me … More Why Write?

Record-Keeping God

The main reason I struggle with maintaining a blog is because I’m afraid of ending up ranting, and I don’t want to sound preachy either. It’s the same reason I rarely confide, except in a precious few trusted friends – not that I don’t trust my new friends, but I’ve learned to respect levels of … More Record-Keeping God

A New Thing

Where I live, 2015 ended with grey morning skies that led to a drizzly afternoon before bowing out with a gentle rain amidst fireworks. If I were the superstitious type, I could think of this as a bad omen. From bad to worse, in a manner of speaking. And yet, as our family gathered to … More A New Thing