Record-Keeping God

The main reason I struggle with maintaining a blog is because I’m afraid of ending up ranting, and I don’t want to sound preachy either. It’s the same reason I rarely confide, except in a precious few trusted friends – not that I don’t trust my new friends, but I’ve learned to respect levels of… More Record-Keeping God

A New Thing

Where I live, 2015 ended with grey morning skies that led to a drizzly afternoon before bowing out with a gentle rain amidst fireworks. If I were the superstitious type, I could think of this as a bad omen. From bad to worse, in a manner of speaking. And yet, as our family gathered to… More A New Thing

Seeker Sensitive

Disclaimer: if you’re looking for a description of seeker-sensitive methods for church growth, or an article criticizing those methods, you’re reading the wrong blog. Ask Google, he’ll direct you to those places (just like he did for me when I got curious and decided to look up this term. The only neutral article on the… More Seeker Sensitive